This is Winston. He loves you.

This is Winston. He loves you.


This semester (Spring, 2018) I am teaching two courses: 

  • PHI 210: Representation Reason and Reality
  • LOG 435/535: Advanced Logic and Metamathematics

PHI 210 is an introduction to philosophy via paradoxes. You can find my syllabus for this course here. LOG 4/535 is a continuation of LOG 335. We look at incompleteness and related phenomena from (mostly) the point of view of recursive functions. The syllabus for this course is here.

Before I came to NCSU I taught calculus and linear algebra in the Mathematics Department at Smith College and was a postdoc in the Logic Group at the University of Connecticut. Before that I taught both mathematics and philosophy at a variety of places in Minnesota. 

Want to know what it's like to take a class with me? You can get a pretty good idea by having a look at my various ratemyprofessors pages. The NC State and Metro State ones have the most recent information.